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Our Services

Doctor Consultation
Lung function test
ECG test
Fluid infusion
Blood pressure Holter
Injuries and cuts treatment
Holter ECG
Laboratory tests
Burns treatment
Sleep apnea test
Postoperative dressings

About us

T.Y.M Med is an international company whose branches are scattered in the USA, Greece, France and Israel.

T.Y.M Med have more than 14,500 satisfied customers (in Israel alone).
For us the most important thing is honesty and a personal approach to each of our customers.

We believe that with individual approach and personalized care we achieve maximum results.

T.Y.M Med specializes in general medicine, diagnostics, general surgery, cardiology, and aesthetic medicine.
The company employs doctors, nurses, and paramedics who give their hearts to every client.
Our doctors work both in our company and in the largest and leading hospitals in Israel.
Our diagnostic department is known for the latest equipment and world-class.

The company's vision is to provide the fast and accessible medical service to every client, eliminate the long waiting times in the emergency rooms and of course give personal attention and discreet care in the patient's home without leaving the comfort zone.

Common questions


What is the advantage of T.Y.M Med Ltd. over other companies?

The purpose for which the company was established is to provide a general solution to the customer without leaving home.

Nowadays when diseases and infections are celebrated in hospitals, no one wants to take risks so the best way is to make the services accessible to the client’s home.

When one of our medical staff comes to you, they will make every effort to keep you at home healthy and strong.

We provide injury treatment, fluid infusion, lab tests, diagnostic tests and more.


Is the service chargeable?

We are a private company, so any service we offer involves a fee.

We offer a wide range of services and our representative will be happy to explain about each of them and the costs.



Do you work with insurance companies?

Any customer who has used our services can request a refund from the insurance company by presenting an invoice and detailing the service (depending on the agreement with the insurance company and its approval).


What is the availability of staff?

We are available to serve you 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Arrival of crews by prior arrangement

השירותים שלנו
7 days a week
365 days a year


Years of experience


Satisfied customers


Staff members


Days a week

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